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∞ Pure Sine Wave Output
∞ Powerful Charge Rate up to 140MP
∞ Optional MPPT/PWM solar charge controller 30A-120A
∞ MPPT Efficiency max 98%
∞ Automatically send signal to start generator
∞ DC start and automatic self-diagnostic function
∞ High efficiency design and “power saving mode’ to Conserve energy
∞ Auto restart when AC in recovering
∞ Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance
∞ Selectable charging current based on applications
∞ AC input/ DC input/ Solar input optional priority
∞ AC start-ip voltage/ auto restart voltage
∞ Maximum AC input current
Model : VE10048
Capacity : 10KVA
Voltage : 48VDC
Related Power : 8000W
Normal Voltage : 220VAC
Voltage Range : 154-265VAC+3V ( AC Mode, 185-264VAC+3V ( UPS Mode )
Frequency : 50/60Hz+5% Auto Sensing
Power Factor : 0.8
Wave Form : Pure Sine Wave
Transfer Time : <8ms
Output Voltage : 220VAC+10%
Output Frequency : 50HZ/60HZ+1%
Bypass Mode : Yes
Saver Mode : Yes
MPPT Efficiency : >98%
Battery Type : Lead Acid Battery, Tubular Battery, Floating Battery, Lithium Battery
AC Charging Current : 65A
Battery Charging Voltage : 54VDC
Maximum PV Array Power : 3200W

MPPT (PWM) Maximum PV Display Open Circuit Voltage : 150VDC(100VDC)

Maximum Charging Current : 60A

Protection Function

∞ Overload Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Low- Voltage Protection, Protection of Opposite Connection

∞ Input Over Current Air Switch Protection ( AC Mode )

LCD Indicator Status

∞ AC Input Voltage, AC Input Frequency, PV Voltage, PC Current, Output Voltage, Output Frequency, Battery Voltage, Load Current, etc.

LOW Battery Protection : Audible Alarm – Continuous Beeping

LOW Battery Alarm : Audible Alarm – Every Second Beeping

Overload Alarm : Audible Alarm – Continuous Beeping

Fault : Audible Alarm – Continuous Beeping

Operation Temperature : 0C-40C

Humidity : 10C-90C Non Condensing

Accoustic : <45dB

Size ( L*W*H*) : 700mm*330mm*150mm

Weight  :  32KG