Our Brands

Zima is a brand with a product line. Zima HD products for CCTV solutions and smart home, and we have Zima power for UPS power solutions and inverters. We also have a sound solution under our Zima sound products.


Zima Power

Zima Power is a Korean company that provides a wide range of inverters, off-line and on-line UPS optimization and smart energy solutions for residential, commercial, and small utility scale solar installations. Founded in 2018. Zima Power is unique among inverter suppliers because they do not manufacture conventional string inverters, but rather maximize power generation at the individual panel level using what the company calls “intelligent inverter systems.”


Zima Sound

Zima Sound believes that consumers should hear high-quality sound. That’s why we are addicted to manufacturing devices for them in various ranges, which suit their needs. We always take care to preserve the identity of every sound. Zima Sound was established in 2016 in South Korea with the sole purpose of providing consumers with high-quality sound devices. Today, Zima Sound has a global presence and has spread rapidly in countries like India and Sri Lanka.


Zima HD

Zima HD entered the video surveillance industry in 2016 with AHD technology. The main purpose of Zima HD was to provide clear views through Zima HD devices. South Korean AI technology helped to increase clarity. The Zima HD company has been making big waves in the video surveillance industry since it entered in 2016 with its AHD technology. The main purpose of Zima HD is to create clear views through Zima HD devices, and the company has used South Korean AI technology to help increase clarity.